Class Cache2kManagerConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • Cache2kManagerConfig

        public Cache2kManagerConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • isIgnoreMissingCacheConfiguration

        public boolean isIgnoreMissingCacheConfiguration()
      • setIgnoreMissingCacheConfiguration

        public void setIgnoreMissingCacheConfiguration​(boolean f)
        Configure a cache with default parameters if configuration has no specific section for it.
      • setDefaultManagerName

        public void setDefaultManagerName​(String v)
        Replace the default name of the default cache manager.
      • setVersion

        public void setVersion​(String v)
        Version of the configuration. Mandatory in every cache configuration. The version affects how the configuration XML file is interpreted.
      • isSkipCheckOnStartup

        public boolean isSkipCheckOnStartup()
      • setSkipCheckOnStartup

        public void setSkipCheckOnStartup​(boolean f)
        The configuration for each cache is parsed and checked as soon as the cache manager is created.
      • isIgnoreAnonymousCache

        public boolean isIgnoreAnonymousCache()
      • setIgnoreAnonymousCache

        public void setIgnoreAnonymousCache​(boolean f)
        When a configuration is present, every cache needs a cache name so that the configuration can be applied.