Package javax.cache.annotation

The annotations in this package provide method interceptors for user supplied classes.

In the case of a the CacheResult annotation, if the cache can satisfy the request a result is returned by the method from cache, not from method execution. For the mutative annotations such as CacheResult the annotation allows the cached value to be mutated so that it will be correct the next time CacheResult is used.

Any operations against a cache via an annotation will have the same behaviour as if the CacheResult methods were used. So if the same underlying cache is used for an annotation and a direct API call, the same data would be returned. Annotations therefore provide an additional API for interacting with caches.

To use these annotations you'll need a library or framework that processes these annotations and intercepts calls to your application objects to provide the caching behaviour. This would commonly be provided by a dependency injection framework such as defined by CDI in Java EE.

Eric Dalquist, Greg Luck
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