Class SpringCache2kCache

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    public class SpringCache2kCache
    extends Object
    implements org.springframework.cache.Cache
    Cache wrapper for the spring cache abstraction.
    Jens Wilke
    • Field Detail

      • cache

        protected final org.cache2k.Cache<Object,​Object> cache
    • Constructor Detail

      • SpringCache2kCache

        public SpringCache2kCache​(org.cache2k.Cache<Object,​Object> cache)
        Create an adapter instance for the given cache2k instance.
        cache - the cache2k cache instance to adapt values for this cache
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        Specified by:
        getName in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • getNativeCache

        public org.cache2k.Cache<Object,​Object> getNativeCache()
        Specified by:
        getNativeCache in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • get

        public @Nullable org.springframework.cache.Cache.ValueWrapper get​(Object key)
        Get value from the cache, may invoke the loader if one is specified. the get() method is used by Spring if the sync parameter is not set.
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        get in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • get

        public <T> T get​(Object key,
                         @Nullable Class<T> type)
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        get in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • put

        public void put​(Object key,
                        Object value)
        Specified by:
        put in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • putIfAbsent

        public org.springframework.cache.Cache.ValueWrapper putIfAbsent​(Object key,
                                                                        Object value)
        Specified by:
        putIfAbsent in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • evict

        public void evict​(Object key)
        May work async.
        Specified by:
        evict in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • clear

        public void clear()
        May work async.
        Specified by:
        clear in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • evictIfPresent

        public boolean evictIfPresent​(Object key)
        Returns when evicted.
        Specified by:
        evictIfPresent in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • invalidate

        public boolean invalidate()
        Like clear, but returns when everything is cleared.
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        invalidate in interface org.springframework.cache.Cache
      • isLoaderPresent

        public boolean isLoaderPresent()