Class CacheLoaderException

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    public class CacheLoaderException
    extends CacheException
    Exception to wrap a loader exception. When an exception is thrown by the loader and rethrown to the application it is wrapped in this exception.

    It is possible to register a custom behavior how exceptions are rethrown (propagated) with the ExceptionPropagator.

    A single loader exception may be thrown multiple times to the application, if the exception is cached. On the other hand, it is possible to suppress a loader exception if the cache still contains data. This is controlled by theResiliencePolicy.

    In case one cached exception is thrown many times with in a timespan, it contains the string expiry=<timestamp>. This is the behavior of the standard ExceptionPropagator

    Jens Wilke
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      • CacheLoaderException

        public CacheLoaderException​(String message,
                                    Throwable ex)
      • CacheLoaderException

        public CacheLoaderException​(Throwable ex)