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cache2k version 0.20 release notes

Possible breakages

  • JMX support was removed from cache2k-core module. For JMX support add the dependency cache2k-ee instead.
  • An expiry time span of 0 (e.g. CacheConfig.setExpirySeconds) switches off caching. It is not possible to override this with and entry specific time calculation.
  • Interface MutableEntry removed. This was currently unused anyways.
  • Interface CacheBulkSource removed. This was currently unused anyways.

New and Noteworthy

  • no more external dependencies
  • android support: cache2k-api and cache2k-core is compatible with Java 1.6 and android. Extra features needed in enterprise environments separated to module cache2k-ee.
  • Revised interface to control entry specific expiry (EntryExpiryCalculator)
  • Configuration / tunable properties
  • Support sharp timing/expiry
  • Bulk API fixes and defined exception handling
  • General infrastructure for off heap caching and persistence (alpha state)
  • Provide a iterator for all cache entries. Iterator supports full concurrency
  • Simple logging infrastructure
  • Optimized cache configuration. The builder can now build the cache or just a configuration object

Fixes and Improvements

  • Reorganized and improved locking scheme

API Changes and new methods

  • add: CacheConfig.setEternal() / CacheBuilder.eternal()
  • add: Cache.iterator()
  • add: Cache.peekEntry()
  • add: Cache.getEntry()
  • add: Cache.putIfAbsent()
  • add: CacheConfig.setExpiryMillis()
  • add: CacheBuilder.setExpiryDuration()
  • new: EntryExpiryCalculator, replaces EntryRefreshController
  • new: ValueWithExpiryTime
  • new: BulkCacheSource configurable via CacheBuilder, replaces ExperimentalBulkCacheSource
  • Annotations javax.annotation.Nonnull and javax.annotation.NotNull removed. Dependency on JSR305 removed. This is not a final standard.


  • EntryRefreshController
  • AutoEntryRefreshController
  • CacheConfig.setExpirySeconds
  • CacheBuilder.expirySecs
  • CacheBuilder.expiryMillis

Deprecated methods and interfaces will be removed with release 0.22 or later.